In this depressing, politically disgusting and creatively impotent age which is, generally ill-suited for life, a small group of provocateurs has decided to take amateurism to a whole new level. Only a revolution can lift us off our feet, and this revolution has been boiling all the while we were sitting in our stuffy offices and carrying out pathetic and mechanical orders given by “those above”. This theatrical introduction is, naturally, a pretentious exaggeration combined with arrogance, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

To cut a long story short, we have come together as a small team of creative people willing to change pretty much everything. However, it would be a great deal to bring even a small change, to start with. We also hope to change one another in the process. Our aim is to present different photo, video and film ideas through a series of various projects. Since we are not quite conceited (just yet), we are ready to accept everybody who can bring fresh ideas and insight. Therefore – if you have an idea how to make yourself heard, contact us – join us.

Apart from enthusiasm and the drive necessary for dream fulfillment, we can offer certain practical and concrete steps, such as theoretical and practical courses related to the skills necessary to understand and master the world of film, video and photography. Therefore, make use of this opportunity. In order to create something new, one should always build on something familiar. And there is never too much knowledge, anyway.

We were founded a while ago, in 2004. We kindly ask you to abstain from asking any questions concerning the name of our association. Let us just pretend that retro names are in vogue.
In case you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us via this contact form.
The gallery of members’ photos can be found here: http://www.koncept2001.hr/gallery2/